Abhainn Rí Team


May 20, 2020


Abhainn Ri Little Cotton Rabbits

Brighten your day with a hand made crafts

We have been living in very uncertain times over the last two months but things will get much better.

During this unexpected free time  I have re discovered my love for crafts.   I have always loved to cook, bake, sew, paint and knit, a right domestic goddess.  I love looking out the window and seeing the wild rabbits all around Abhainn Ri so carefree, but not so happy when they eat the flowers though.

When we were young children our mother always encouraged us to do crafts and we all have a great love for crafting.   I remember getting a craft kit for a present it was and toy badger with a lovely flower dress.  I could not wait to get started and loved it and instilled a great sense of achievement.

Our mother was a great business woman and she was way ahead of her time and owned and ran a craft shop in Duke lane in Dublin called West Wicklow Crafts and it was our second home as children.  Everything in the craft shop was hand made in Ireland and she installed a great love in us for everything hand made.

She encouraged me to make some more toys and some patchwork baby blankets when I was very young and she sold them with great pride in her shop.  It was my first introduction running a enterprise which she was nurturing at the time even though I did not see it.  I will be forever thankful.

During this very quiet time for us I have re discovered my love for knitting and making toys once again.  They brighten my day and I get more joy from giving them away than keeping them for myself.  Each one I knit has its own look a personality and they are all very different.

The greatest delight is in giving them away and seeing the joy in others.

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